Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Race!

Took in my annual Thanksgiving morning Sprint 5k Family Run yesterday. Have run this every year except 2 since moving here in 1996. Lately, it's been more of a quantitative study in aging (slower times every year). Haven't run much, but a 5k is a 5k so I entered and headed out. Mike predicted a 30:01 with an 11:00 mile 1. This was not far off: mile 1 was 11:10 and I hit the 3.0 mile mark at 30:08 (Mike, you would have been right except for (a) my general whimpiness, and (b) that pesky last 0.1 mile) So my finish time was 31:20. Works out to 9:35's for miles 2 & 3. I was breathing hard but doable at that pace, and actually loved the race. Ran 5.5 miles this morning in the sunshine and loved it also. Good to be out running again!

But the big fun of the day was seeing Mike, Rob, and David the Not-Elder DeGhelder working as volunteers at the race. What a great way to start the holiday weekend!

Also ran into Carl and Leslie Vansant and son Chris at the start line. Took this photo with them at the finish line. Carl promised to join us for the Hood to Coast showing on January 11th!

So: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all MRC and Friends!

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