Friday, November 26, 2010

Can not believe it!

No, I just can't believe that I've only hit the bricks twice in the month of November and that's counting biking or running/walking!! Today I walked four miles to loosen up a hip flexor that I strained yesterday while running one lousy block at the Sprint Thanksgiving Day race. The good news is, I think I actually loosened it up, or at least I don't feel the discomfort now.

It was just a super day yesterday by starting it with working the Thanksgiving Day race with Rob and David! We also got a chance to root for Bill. Wish we would have had time to have a cup of coffee after the race but the families were waiting for us to help with other chores of the day.

Looks like just about all the members of the H2C team from KC is on board for the reunion on January 11th for the movie. Man, it's just going to be a super evening and I can't wait so see everyone, it's just been toooooo long!.....MIKE

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