Friday, July 9, 2010

Walk / jog

It's been a long time coming, but I made a little bit of a running comeback this week.

On Wednesday I put on my running shoes and went down to English Landing to walk. After I got there and had walked a half mile, I decided to try a slow jog, just to see how it felt. My last attempt, a month ago, lasted all of a tenth of a mile and hurt like hell. So, because of that, I was very apprehensive, and my jog was very slow. Out of 3.7 miles I ran 1.25, never running more than .25 at a time, stopping to stretch frequently, and just generally being very careful. Overall I averaged 14.38 min. per mile, a pace that could not be classified as running, since on a good day I can actually walk that pace.

Still, I didn't stiffen up in the car on the way home, and I felt better than usual the next morning.
After a day off, I went back to the park tonight. This time my plan was to walk a quarter of a mile and then run a quarter, and keep that up for four miles. I did 4.23 miles in 56:23, for an average pace of 13:19. Because I can't walk that fast, and because I can define running anyway I want for myself, I'm going to classify this session as a "run."

I felt good enough during some of my quarter mile runs to dip slightly under 10 min. per mile, but most of the time I was around 11. I had a little discomfort in my hips and back, but actually, most of my discomfort was in the groin. I've noticed this for the last few weeks, ever since I've been able to walk at a brisk pace, and I don't quite understand it. I'll keep stretching, and take it easy on runs, until it goes away.

With any luck, I might be able to run with everyone at our next MRC meeting. --Rob

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