Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Detour, But Still a Nice Ride

Rob and I headed back to the Interurban Road to get in a 16 mile ride, or so we thought. We took a side road just to see where it went. Needless to say, it was a mistake! Okay, okay, it was my idea. Just wanted to add a little adventure to our ride. It started off innocent enough, but soon, very soon, we found ourselves riding down a very steep and gravely hill with lots of ruts we had to dodge. The gravel road finally leveled off and it was a fairly nice ride until we had to go back UP! We had to get off of our bikes, well, at least I did, in order to get up the hill. It was so steep I was spinning my wheels in the gravel.

Well, we finally made it up the hill onto a blacktop road. We had no idea where we were, but we had the good sense to pull a Horace Greeley. We kept riding and riding until we came to highway 92. No way could ride on 92 highway even if we knew which way to go. We kept heading straight ahead until we could head in a southwesterly direction. We finally hooked up with Interurban Road, but I think we may have gone through St. Joe to find it.

Everything worked out and we only traveled a couple miles over our planned route. Sure was a workout!............Mike

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