Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long and hot

For whatever reason I decided I wanted to ride 30 miles today, even though I couldn't get out on the road until the sun was right over head. It was getting pretty hot and humid, but I had plenty of hydration and figured I'd just keep moving so I'd always have some wind in my face.
Once I got going I revised my distance plan and set my sights on Dearborn, which would add a bit over 3 miles to my total mileage. I covered the 16.69 miles to Dearborn in 58:30, or a tad over 17 mph average. There was a light breeze, and it was at my back, which was very helpful as it turned out.
That light breeze, so helpful on the way out, was quicksand on the way back. It opposed me all the way. I can't remember coasting at all coming back (maybe it wasn't such a light breeze, after all). Anyway, with the heat and humidity, and the wind, my pace slowed considerably and my overall average dipped to 15 for the whole ride, still pretty good. I stopped twice on the way back to drink and rest briefly, and I was plenty worn out at the end. But, it was a real good workout, burned a bunch of calories, and added 33.39 miles to my log. -- Rob

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