Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Green light

Saw the doctor about my hernia and set the outpatient surgery for Monday. He gave me the green light to ride or do anything I was comfortable with until after the surgery, when I will be grounded for 3 or 4 weeks.

With the go-ahead from the doctor, I decided I would carry out my usual exercise routine for the week, and that called for a short but fast ride. I chose a route through the Riss Lake area, which I hadn't used in quite a while. It's hilly and can be quite difficult depending on how fast you want to go. After a slow start to warm up, I pushed it all the way. It was helpful that for a change it was relatively cool and there was little humidity. I didn't even take water along, since I knew I'd be out less than an hour. I was a little surprised by my overall speed, which I think was helped by my new clip shoes.

More cool days like this one would be very nice.

13.72 miles, 55:16 min., 14.9 mph average. -- Rob

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