Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bicycling Through The Heat

Mike -- don't feel bad about your run yesterday...the heat was simply amazing! This week, I'm trying out riding my bicycle the 11.5 miles into work. Monday I got in the round trip (42 mintues/15.4 mph inbound, 54 minutes/12.8 mph homebound, which is into the wind and during the 100 degree heat). Bicycling generates its own face wind, so it's tolerable in the heat. Yesterday I loaded my bike in my SUV and drove in so I could run errands and then I biked home. Today I doing the reverse, having left my car overnight at work yesterday. Over time, I'm thinking I should be able to get in 2-3 roundtrip commutes per week, which would give me 2-3 days of 2aday workouts!

Back to the heat: my two home bound rides into the heat have certainly been challenging -- yesterday was more effort and took me a minute longer. I simply don't care for the heavy air/poor air quality we get at 5:30 pm in 100 degree heat. But the bike rides are worth it -- I'm sitting on 4 workouts of 44-55 minutes each and its only Wednesday morning! Yeah!

Like Rob's earlier posting, I'm thinking that bicycling may be a great way to work through the 4 weeks or so of peak heat we seem to get every year. -- Bill

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