Friday, August 13, 2010

Back To Back Rides

Rode 15.5 miles on the Interurban with Rob on Wednesday evening. Expected it to be warmer than it was, but a nice natural breeze, plus the one created by ourselves, made the ride pleasant, if not enjoyable. Rob informed me of his inguinal hernia, which I suppose you get when you eat too much pasta. At any rate, I wish him a very speedy recovery in order to join his MRC pals on a regular basis once again.

Rode 25 miles with my grandson, Brandon, on Thursday morning after his cross country practice in Liberty. Got started later than we wanted to, due to his practice lasting longer than expected, but got the ride in, albeit a warm one. The temperature was manageable for the most part, but we were glad to see the finish line. Brandon rode the entire 25 miles on a mountain bike that was too small for him. I extended the seat as high as I could, but he still didn't get a comfortable leg extension in relationship to the pedals. He was a real trooper and stated he really enjoyed the experience. I'll have to help get him a new or newer bike very soon if he's going to continue to ride.

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