Monday, August 30, 2010

Good, Bad, and Ugly!

Well, let's start with The Good. I had a good four mile run at English Landing. Went west out on the farm road next to the river for .83 miles before I ran into a swamp. Returned back to the trail in the park and completed a four miler with these splits. 11:34, 10:09, 9:59, and 9:18, plus I walked another half mile.

The Bad: Was going to take Chris with me and let her ride her bike while I got a run in. However, my bike rack wasn't secure enough and her bike bounced out onto the street. I took it to the shop (Cycle City) and the damage was estimated at around $80.00 (bent wheel, bent derailleur, and a damaged gear shift). Decided to put that money into a new bike instead of putting another $80.00 in a bike I paid $75.00 for used.

The Ugly: Before I started my run I put my keys in the pocket in my running shorts. Checking to make sure they were secure, I began my run. Somewhere around .75 out on the farm road I didn't feel my keys any more. They just weren't in the pocket any more! I stopped my watch and back traced my steps for a quarter of a mile walking slowly so as not to miss my keys. I was trying to remember where I ran in the grass, from time to time, so not to run in the ruts on the path. I stopped due to hearing a clinking sound coming from my running shorts. I pulled my shorts away from my belly and there were my keys right in my, uh, uh, private area. Now, I don't want to hear any crap about not feeling my keys due to being dead in that area!! You hear?? The lining of my shorts stopped the keys from falling to the ground. If that were to have happend I would have probably heard them hit the ground.

To summarize: I Totaled Chris's bike, lost my keys, but still got my run in and still found my keys, albeit warmer than when I put them in the pocket with a hole in it.....Mike

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