Sunday, August 29, 2010

Close call, and a fall

I was out for an easy ride this morning when I came to a busy intersection. As I approached the corner on the trail that was right next to and parallel to the road, the light turned green in my direction, so I started to head into the crossing. At the same time a car next to me on my left, and heading in the same direction, turned the corner and into my path. I squeezed the brakes and stopped just before he sped past me. We missed each other by probably 30 inches, though it seemed closer than that at the time. I was not quick enough to get out of my clips, so I toppled over to my right. The car kept on going, happily without me underneath it.
I got a little scrape on my right leg, but other than that and a some embarrassment, I was fine. I take the responsibility for not being more defensive, but I definitely had the right of way. I typically don't assume I'm going to get my space, and I don't know why I did this time. I'm just glad I was a little lucky. -- Rob

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