Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prairie Spirit Trail Experience

Finally found time to drive down to the Prairie Spirit Trail on the Kansas side. Sean Joyce, a Knights of Columbus Brother, and I, drove the 75 miles (from where we live) to Ottawa where the trail head began for us. My goal was to ride 60 miles which would have been my longest. We ended up riding 61.25 miles and actually I felt that I could do more ONLY IF I HAD TO! The ride was enjoyable for the trip down to Welda, KS where we made our turnaround. We stopped on our way back and had lunch at a cafe in Garnett, on a recommendation, from some old geezer at the McDonald's in Ottawa. Not sure how many restuarants this geezer had ever been in before, but he really should get out more often, and I don't mean McDonald's. Actually, McDonald's would have been a 4 star compared to this place, but Garnett has two or three restuarants and this was right on the square about 100 feet from the trail. Easy, peazy, but next time I'll pack a sandwich.

As stated, the ride down was great, but coming back we had to fight the wind and a lot of soft fine chat or crushed limestone that was just too deep in places. It was like riding in quicksand at times and it was hard to control the bike, as well. On top of that, there was a bunch, and I mean a bunch of what I think was dog feces to deal with. Most of the time I was able to miss it but not always.

Would I go back? Probably, but not this year.....Mike

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