Saturday, December 4, 2010


I went back and forth this morning trying to decide whether to run outside or on the treadmill, and finally decided to go back to the treadmill where I could be more careful. It was pretty raw outside, too.
I felt very well, so I cranked up the speed a bit over what I'd been doing, and went a little farther than I have been. Certain areas where I've been feeling discomfort are no longer hurting at all (at least not in the last 3 or 4 days), and certain areas still do a little. But it's quite manageable, and I am now getting the sense that I'm actually running. Today's distance was 5 miles, and the pace was 12:20, which is still slow but a lot better than 15 min., which is where I was a week ago. The twice-weekly runs with plenty of recovery in between are speeding the whole healing process. The trick will be to curb my enthusiasm as I feel stronger and stronger, and just build on this slowly. -- Rob

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