Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two in a row

I felt so good today after my 5.26 mile run Saturday that I decided to run again. It was the first time since last April that I have run two days in a row. I certainly didn't try to improve my speed or go long. I started with a 12 min. mile and finished with an 11:07, so I averaged 11:35 for 3.1 miles. If rehab keeps going well, I will pick up the pace a little in January.
With my mileage today, I am sitting at 612 miles for the year, around 800 miles less than last year. That's what happens when you get hurt and don't run at all for over 7 months. There are no plans to ever approach 1,400 miles again. In the coming year I want to mix a lot of bike riding in with the running, concentrate on fitness rather than PRs, and really try to avoid injuries.
That's the plan, anyway. -- Rob

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