Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pilgrim Pacer Half Marathon

I finished a half marathon!  My foot was still bothering me and I had almost decided to skip running any halfs this fall.  But with 60-70F weather, I decided to try it.  I felt pretty good. No real pain in my foot. I ran about  8 miles with a friend from work, Omar Olivares.  Those 8 miles went fast as we solved most of our company's problems.  I just wish I could remember the solutions we came up with.  Seriously, it was a bonus to to have a great conversation, and not only about work. At 8 miles I took a 10-12 minute restroom stop (waiting in line, etc.)  Below are my official times. If you subtract 10 min, my pace was 10:50.  Not bad for not being really trained for it, and I was just running and enjoying the day.
       overall place 273       M 55-59 age group place 8        2:32:47        11:40/M
My Garmin stopped working after 4 min.  But I have a finisher's medal to prove I did it.

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