Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boston Memorial and My Long Runs

While Mitchell was running the Kansas Half Marathon Saturday, April 20th, the Runner's Edge group's weekly workout featured very moving memorials to Boston.  Like Mitchell's experience in his half, Boston was on everyone's minds, and running seemed to be a natural way to work through our collective grief.

We began our day with a 30-minute ceremony at Runner's Edge that included some reports from runners who were there and a very nicely done prayer led by a RE volunteer.  We then did our long run.  I ran 16.5 miles very slowly, averaging 12:20's on my Garmin.  Afterwards, we all drove over to the finish line of the Olathe marathon where all 27 Boston runners ran 0.7 miles with 3 who didn't get to finish Boston leading the pack (they were pulled from the course 0.7 miles out).  I've included 3 pictures below from the day -- it was a very special event and I'm glad I participated in it all.

Last weekend, I ran 20 miles and averaged easy 11:30's for the first 14 miles, feeling quite good.  But I then ended up by myself on a twisty, lonely run through suburbia that got very slow at 13-15 minute miles to the finish.  I'm not sure if I slowed down because I was tired or just on my own.  I do know I keep up better running with others....and I'm holding onto that thought going into my Traverse City marathon 5/24.  My mid-week running program has suffered from heavy business travel of late, that will continue all the way to the race, so it will be interesting to see what shape I truly line up with on May 24th!

Last note -- I fly out to Vancouver BC tomorrow for a client's conference and I'm hoping to get some city runs in while out there.  Here's our Boston pictures from April 20th:

Boston Runners Finish in Olathe April 20th

The Chau Family was out in force!

Chau and Mary Haley -- long term Runners Edge runners!


Mike DeGhelder said...

Very nice blog posting, Bill! I wish I could have been there to help bring those three runner in, however, my grandson, Dawson, had a track meet that morning and I don't get a chance to see many of them.

Mitchell Krasnopoler said...

Great to hear the spirit of camaraderie among fellow runners. That and running a bit faster are two of many reasons to run in a group or at an event.

BTW your marathon is Sat. 5/25.