Wednesday, July 10, 2013

False Start

I am still battling a bad chest cold I caught last Tuesday.  Over the weekend, I got a lot of rest, and by Monday felt good enough I packed my bike for a Spin Pizza ride after work.  But late afternoon, I didn't feell 100% and it was really hot, so I headed over to my air conditioned gym where I ran exactly 1 mile.  Turns out I wasn't ready to come back yet.  Felt like crap after the 1 mile run, so I walked a second mile and headed home.  Tuesday, my cold was worse, not better, so I'm back to cold medicene and a planned doctor's visit at week's end if I can't kick this one out by then. I'm losing a lot of time here, but getting healthy has to be job one.

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Mike DeGhelder said...

There's always an upside, Bill! You could have got sick on October 3rd! Bad, bad, bad!

Hang in there, and stay out of the heat. On these fairly cool morning days, I get out as early as I can. Would that be possible for you and still make it to work on time?