Saturday, November 1, 2014

Running - sort of - again

A bout with hamstring tendonosis has had me riding the elliptical machine at the gym since early September, but with the help of physical therapist Dan Lorenz I am making a slow comeback.

I wasn't able to join Mike, Ken and Bill for their downtown run Saturday, but I did get out to English Landing Park late in the morning. This was my fourth run since beginning PT a month or so ago. The last time there, the therapist gave me a "back to running" schedule that has me getting back into it incrementally. Essentially, he wants me to keep the mileage low and slow, so in the beginning there's been a lot of walking along with not so much running.

Saturday I decided I wanted at least a one hour workout, even if more than half of it was walking. My last run was just 30 min. long and alternated between 5 min. walking and 5 min. running. The walking and running haven't been that much different in speed. I felt pretty good Saturday, so before I'd gone very far I decided I'd walk the first .3 mile and run the rest of the mile. I kept that up for 6 miles and finished with an average pace of around 11:35.

I can't say I feel real strong, but I do feel better every time out, so I'm encouraged and cautiously optimistic. Even at slow speeds, it's fantastic to be able to run again.

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Mike said...

Your last sentence says it all for both of us. It's fantastic, indeed, to be able to run again, albeit slowly!