Monday, June 28, 2010

Interurban Road

Investigated Interurban Road this morning. Did 22 miles. The route starts in Ferelleview, on the north edge of KC, and goes NW for about 20 miles. It's two lanes, asphalt, narrow and flat. Bikers from all over the metro ride it because there is very little motorized traffic. I'd say no more than 12 cars or trucks passed me in either direction for the 90 min. I was out. Those who do drive the route know to expect bikers. I saw 2 or 3 other riders, which isn't a lot, of course, but it was a work day.

I did 22.19 miles in 1:30:30, averaging 14.7 mph, with a fasted of 22.4 mph. That might have been when the two big German shepherds decided to chase me for a bit. They didn't have a chance.

Came back home and was up on a ladder sanding the window frame on the deck and got a half-inch long splinter under the nail on my right index finger. Had to go to the emergency room, where they deadened the finger and cut off part of the nail. Three hours. Sweet. - Rob

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