Monday, June 21, 2010

Nice Ride, Helped A Fellow Rider!

Decided that I had to something since I can't run, so I rode the bike up to Photographx (that's where they print some of my action photos). After dropping off the CD, I rode over to Walmart. From Walmart I rode back to Barry Rd. and west to Congress. North on Congress to Tiffany Hill Pky, where my intention was to head west to K highway, south to Weatherby Lake and back home for a nice 26 mile ride. However, my plans changed when I came across another biker, who was lost. He told me he was trying to find 9 highway and 45 and that he was headed to Atchison, KS. I told him he was about 3 miles or so off course. Well, instead of continuing west on Tiffany Hills Pky, I lead him back south on Congress, over to 9 highway and then south to 45. He went west and I went east towards home. My regret was not putting him westbound on 152 highway to K and THEN south to 45 highway. It would have been less dangerous that traveling down 45 highway. 152 has a huge shoulder!

At any rate, I ended up with a 14.25 mile ride that took an hour and 26 minutes. I averaged 9.9 mph with a top speed of 26 mph. I had work to do at home anyway, so I'll save my longer rides for next week with Rob............Mike

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