Thursday, June 24, 2010

MRC = Men's Rehab Club!

Looks like Rob and I went from the Men's Running Club to the Men's Riding Club and then to the Men's Rehab Club.

As previously stated by Rob, I took a fall off of my bike while dodging a white van on the road on Tuesday evening. At first I thought I had fractured or separated a rib or ribs. Trying to sleep Tuesday night was not pretty. I couldn't turn at all without almost yelping from the pain. I decided it best to go to the emergency room at the VA Hospital Wednesday morning. The news was kind of good in the respect that I didn't have a fracture that showed up on the X-Ray. The doctor, when probing and pressing on the rib bones, resulted in no pain, but when she pushed between the ribs into the muscle, I came out of the chair! It seems that I have some kind of muscle tissue tears.

The doc prescribed Ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation, so I went to the pharmacy at the hospital to have the scrip filled. When I picked up the sack from the pharmacy it seemed kind of heavy for a small plastic container of pills. When I returned home and opened the sack it had four plastic squat containers of 800 mg tablets of Ibuprofen. She gave me 270 tablets, 90 days worth at 3 x daily. Jeez, I hope I have enough!

The pills must be working since I slept good last night and was able to get up without any real pain. I'll be fine by the weekend. Is there a black market where I can unload the remaining 261 tablets of Ibuprofen?............Mike

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