Friday, February 11, 2011

"Did You Run This Week Sissy Boy?"

One would think having a public blog like this would compel me to consistent workouts, but I proven that theory wrong so far....So last week, I launched a new strategy. I told both groups of high school small groups I teach at church that my goal is 5 workouts and minium 4 runs per week from here out. They are empowered to ask me each week "Did you run this week sissy boy?" The answer this week is "yes, actually!" Yesterday respresented my 6th workout in 8 days -- 4 runs and 2 elipical workouts. Very good start for me in the Runner's Edge program. My runs have been very slow in the low 11:00's and I've started out somewhat short of breath. So I decided to follow Mike's advice and start slower and build speed through the workout. Ran on a treadmill indoors to set the pace. Splits were 12:00 first mile (no hard breathing), then 11:00, 10:00 (which feels like a push), then 4 x quarter miles at 8:57's. The quarters were hard at first but got progressively easier. Overall I felt the run help push my envelop ever so slightly. We'll see. Today is an elipical cross train day, then 8 planned miles Saturday for a 5-run week and 8 of 10 day string of workouts.
I can't wait to report in with my Sunday School class this weekend!

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