Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lulu's, A Musical, and a Decent Run

Lucy is in San Antonio this weekend attending Jamie's play (I went last weekend) so I scheduled a daddy/daughter date with Katie -- yeah! First I called Weiner for the name of the Thai Noodle restaurant near his loft. It's called Lulu's, it's terrific, and he was picking up carryout there when I called him. So off Katie I drove last night for dinner at Lulu's followed by The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee -- a fabulous musical very well produced on Union Station's City Stage. We had the kind of magical evening fathers kill for with their daugthers -- great food, great entertainment, and great discussions about the play and its characters. Today, I hit the gym after church and had my first decent run of the week! Background is that I slugged out 7 miles yesterday until my knee hurt, and I've been slow all week after eating too much all last weekend. But -- backed by the great evening and a new day (there's always a new day dawning!) -- I ran a decent 4 mile treadmill workout. Opened with a Mike DeGhelder 12:00 1st mile and 11:00 2nd mile (mandatory DeGhelder rules, which work by the way), then a 10:00 which pushed me. Finished with 4 quarters at 8:57's with a 0.1 mile walk inbetween. That's hard work for me, but it felt great to push through it. So here's to the love we hold for our kids and celebrating with a good run every now and then! -- Bill

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Mike said...

Bill, you are going to make a fabulous grandfather!! However, let's wait a few years.