Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Freedom Ride

This morning, Mitchell, Katie, and I rode the 33.5 mile loop of the Freedom Ride, out of Independence, Mo.  We had a blast.  The outbound ride was fairly cool temps with a decent tailwind and gorgeous Missouri countryside/hills.  We stopped at Sibley Orchard at 18 miles for fresh peaches, having averaged 13.7 MPH to that point (we hit 27 miles at nearly a 13.5 MPH.  The last 11 miles were straight into the wind, but we still managed steady, albeit slower pacing.  These times are approximate, and we'll have to rely on Mitchell's trip map for the more accurate times.  But overall, we had a blast and were glad we passed on the planned 58 mile loop, which would have resulted in us riding the last 25 miles into the highest heat and big headwinds.

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