Sunday, February 19, 2012

8 miles sort of long

I did a good 8 mile run this morning, enjoying the cold clear day.  I joined the Sunday Runday group, which lately also includes the Rock the Parkway Groupie run. So there were about 100 or so runners, most younger than me.  My pace was a respectable 9:43.  Only a little knee discomfort around mile 7.  I hope to run 10 next weekend.

At one point early in the race, while I was thinking about Nathan, two male runner were coming back.  One ofhthe women in the group next to me said hi to one of the guys and then said to the group, "It's no fun having a fast husbund."  I had to bite my tongue to not say what I was thinking, "especially in bed."  I then asked myself, am I a dirty old man?  But if we weren't running how else can that comment be interpreted?  It made me laugh at how clueless people can be. You gotta take humor whenever you can get it.

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