Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Statins: Wonder Drug

Truth is, I've haven't re-launched my running yet.  But that's not what my entry today is about.

I want to write in honor of my father and his father.  Both died young deaths due to cardio problems.  My grandfather at age 55 from a stroke, and my father at age 48 from a pulminary embolism.  I got my first cholesterol count at my first job, age 23 in 1979.  224 total against what was then a 225 standard.  With diet and exercise, I got it down as low as 205 a few years back, but by then the standard had been lowered to 200.  Talk about chasing an ever moving target.  Three months ago, when my count came in at 236 (OK, maybe eating like a pig wasn't my best strategy...) my doctor put me on Statins and today I got my 3 month check up.  Total count dropped -- in 3 months straight -- from 236 to 166.  HDL was already good and still is.  LDL, which is the most critical of the numbers, dropped from 148 (the standard is 100) to 86.  We're talking miracles here.  Modern day miracles.  I am truly amazed and awed.

I celebrated with a 2.5 mile noon-time run, in memory of my father and his father. 

Here's to life, second chances our parents didn't get, and honoring them in how we choose to live our lives!


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Mike said...


I didn't realize that you lost your father when he was 48. Much, much too young!! Very sad, indeed!

On the upside, you're smart enough to realize you could do something about it, with regards to yourself, and you have.

We both have the same goals of living a long and healthy life. We can do so with the lifestyle we live and the company we keep. The friends we have will keep us motivated for years.