Friday, February 17, 2012

Steamboat Skiing

I went skiing in Steamboat CO from 2/10 to 2/14. I alpine skied 3 days and about a half a day of cross country.   Cross country was a lot of work!  I took a lesson and was dripping with sweat.  The instructor was calm and cool.  (He was more "efficient" than me.)  Downhill was a blast.  My quads ached.  I need to do more squats.  On the last day I joined the "Over the Hill Gang."  They were anything but!  We were all over 50, but I felt like a kid.  We went skiing in the trees on the best conditions all season. It was easier and more fun than I imagined. And I got much better at it, especially when I followed Charlie, a more experienced tree and all around skier. I didn't think about what I was doing, I just focused on staying behind him in the trees.

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