Saturday, February 18, 2012

Long. By comparison

Today is really nice, so I had all the motivation I needed to workout outside, rather than in the gym. I waited until the temperature rose above 30, then headed out for a slow-paced 4 miler. My plan was to stick to a easy pace and to walk .15 of each mile to make sure I didn't over-stress my Achilles.

I wasn't sure how my tendonitis would respond to running on a hard surface, but I had a good feeling about it and needed to find out in any case.

The run went very well. I was able to keep the pace slow, and even though I didn't always want to, I walked in every mile. Since I had no discomfort in the first three miles, I lengthened the run a little so I ended up with 5.3, making this my longest run of the year, I believe. By the time I was done I could feel a little tightness in the tendon, so it was time to shut it down.

It felt great to get outside and to log a real run. This one was done in 55:44, for a 10:31 average, which is pretty good when you factor in the walking. I'm not interested in speed, though, just healing. And, I think I am. -- Rob

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Mike said...


Althought a 10:31 pace sounds slow to you, it sound lightning fast to me!

Glad to see you back on the bricks. Hope you can stay there.