Saturday, February 25, 2012

Actual long run

It was cool today, but otherwise beautiful, and I couldn't wait to get out for a run. I felt good. I wanted to wait until the temp rose a bit, but I finally headed for the river trail about 10 am with the mercury at 28. There was very little wind, so it was darn near perfect running weather.
My legs felt really springy, and I went out a little faster than I should have, doing 9:45 for the first mile. I really should be more careful with an Achilles tendon freshly healed.
Everything felt so good, though, that I revised my expected mileage several times, from 4 to 5, 5 to 6, and finally to 7. I probably should have quit at 6.5, but once I got that close to 7 I figured I might as well round it off. I was tired in that last mile, but I still ran it in 9:12. Overall I averaged 9:18.
I was tired, hungry and thirsty after this one, all good feelings. Count me happy and thankful to be able to record one like this after such a long time on the mend. -- Rob


Mike said...

Well, Rob, it looks like you're back! Now it's just a matter of building your mileage whilst keeping tabs on your Achilles tendon. Don't rush it!

I sincerely expect to be back on the roads myself within a month or so. I just have this feeling that the doctors at the VA in Leavenworth are going to be able to help me.

Hope to see everyone on the 5th.

Rob said...

I really hope they can. Good luck (and I promise I'll take it easy)

Anonymous said...

Rob - Great to see how well you are doing. Start slow and gradually work on your mileage and pace goals. Hope you stay healthy! Ken