Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Long Ride!

Sean and I headed up to Smithville for a forty miler yesterday.  Weather was just about perfect with heavy overcast and just a slight breeze.

For the third time since last Saturday, riding with the Riff Raff group, I kept hearing this clack, clack, clack, tic, tic, tic. in my bike.  I shifted around to see if it would stop, but to no avail.

I took it in for the second time this week to determine what the problem was and it turned out to be the lower gear sprocket.

I was just glad they finally found out what the problem was!
I sure couldn't ride it in October with that noise and worry about something breaking down.

At any rate, Sean and I completed the ride okay and we saw three wildlife in the first 5 miles, two more wildlife in the next 5 miles, and several wildlife on the south route.  This was for you, Bill.  Hope you go nuts trying to figure out what we saw.

Since my bike is going to be in the shop waiting for parts, it looks like running is an option, but I'll take it easy and see if I can run three slow miles.

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