Monday, April 2, 2012

Breaking Out!

Today I broke out of the funk I've been in for the last three months! Since I felt so good after my ride with Rob yesterday, I decided to take a long walk. No J-wording or even a fast walk!

So, with music in my ears and the sun on my shoulders, I enjoyed a nice long five mile walk at the kind of pace you would walk your dog, a small dog at that.

What was interesting was I couldn't decide which direction I wanted to walk and really wasn't sure how far I would be able to walk. I just figured as long as I kept my feet in a straight line and stayed on flat surface I'd be okay. (If I get my left leg turned, even slightly, the pain hits)

As I entered a trail (wide concrete) about a mile and a half from the house, I noticed a lady walking toward me. As she came closer she began a slow jog. She passed by me and didn't look up as I nodded my head and tipped my hat. I walked another quarter mile and she came up from behind me in that same slow jog. She didn't say anything this time either.

As I proceeded with my walk, it wasn't too long before I looked up and here she came again towards me. Now the trail I was on is only a mile long and from the looks of the situation it became apparent that she was walk/running at least four miles.

This time I couldn't help myself (yeah, you know me). I asked her if she was training for something. She said she was training for her first 5K. I asked here which one and she said she didn't know because she hadn't decided when she would be ready.

Okay, now I've gone into running instructor Mikie mode! I suggested the Brookside 5k run on May 12 since that would give her plenty of time and since she was already run/walking four miles she would have no trouble with the 5K. I warned her about what will happen when she crosses the finish line for the first time. Her life will change!

When we parted, she was really pumped about the race. I even gave her my email address and told her I wanted to watch her progress. I also told her that I was a volunteer for that event and I'd be watch for her to cheer her on.

Today was just a great day! I got two days of exercise in and motivated a brand new runner. Life can be really great at times! Can't tell you how motivated Mary Russell made me as well.

Now I'm really looking forward to my rehab period!!!!!


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