Friday, April 20, 2012

How long will you live?

I came across an interesting life-expectancy calculator that takes into account your diet, health habits and activity level. It tells me that I'll live to be only 84, which I consider to be young, mostly because I formerly smoked (I quit in 1980 after smoking for about 12 years) and because my diet is deficient in fruit and vegetables.

That's far short of my goal of 100.

Who knows how accurate it is? It's fun, though, and you can fiddle around with it to see how changing your diet or activity level might affect your life-expectancy.

For instance, if I up my fruit and veggies from 14-21 to 28 or more servings per week, and my alcohol consumption to 5-10 drinks a week, I can get the number up to 88. My former smoking habit apparently cost me two years on earth. What was I thinking back then?

I can't do anything more about my smoking, but now I'm really glad I put a container of peas in my lunch bag today. I'll have to wait for this evening for the can of beer. -- Rob

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