Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Start to a New Week!

Well, I missed the last three days of training. Thursday was a rest day due to the ten miler on Wednesday and Friday I just got busy with stuff, so I decided to just run on Saturday afternoon after my grandson's last football game. Well, the whole family decided to come to the house and spend the rest of the afternoon. It was super, except I never did get my run in.

After church today I drove down to the Riverside trail and ran on the dike. I was feeling kind of sluggish but adhered to my usually successful walking of the first half mile then walking the first minute of each mile. I did exactly that and here are my splits: 15:17, 11:15, 10:50, 10:10, 9:25, and 8:38. I looked down several times and saw that I was well into the seven minute range quite a bit.

I would catagoize this as a good run for me. I really, really need to get some pounds off!

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