Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes it's good to change your mind!

I wanted to get out before the heat set in today, but was just a little apprehensive regarding the wind.  Wind was in the forecast, but when I went outside, it just didn't seem that bad?  Not sure of where I wanted to ride, but wanted to get in at least 30 miles, I headed for the Interurban Rd. at the last minute, due to it being close.

It didn't seem quite so hot and there was a slight breeze making it very comfortable.  Since the Interurban Rd. can be quite boring at times, I decided to pass the time by identifying birds, but the only one I recognized was the one a guy gave me from his car.  I think he was a Redheaded, barrel chested, tally whacker!

At any rate, I decided to cut the ride to 24 miles for some reason.  I think I was just tired from not getting enough sleep last night.  I'm sure glad I did!  When I headed back, it was right into the wind and it was brutal!  I usually don't mind working into the wind, but this was a strong cross wind that make it just a little scary when cars passed.

Ended up with 24 miles at 12.4 mph topping out at 24.3 mph, obviously downhill.

Setting on 104 miles for the week so far.


Rob said...

You're gonna finish the KATY a day ahead of the rest of us.

Mike DeGhelder said...

If I did, I'd miss the partying in Hermann!

Bill said...

I'm very concerned you're turning into a bike nerd. Note that only the adjective is new in that sentence, but that doesn't diminish the seriousness of our concerns!

Mike DeGhelder said...