Monday, June 10, 2013

Was going to rest, but.................

Lately I've been resting after a long ride, but today I just felt like getting a short easy ride in.  I went to the downtown airport and did six laps.  In the past, I thought that it was four miles around the downtown airport, but it's actually only around 3.73 according to my Garmin. 

I was just going to do 5 four mile laps for an even 20 miles, but after the first lap, I decided to go ahead and add the extra lap to ensure I had at least 20 miles.  I ended up with 22.40 miles at a 13.1 mile average, topping out at 21 mph.

Really feeling good lately with regards to my training for the Katy Trail ride.  Now, I'm looking forward to the Rock Island Ramble 65 miler on the 22nd.

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Bill said...

Very impressive. My legs were tired after a focued pace run on Wednesday (7.2 miles, #5 and #6 of which were 10:05 and 10:19 which is a start for me, a decent 10-miler on Saturday, and our bike ride on Sunday. I was going to run intervals yesterday, but my legs just didn't feel like it, so I ran 2.3 miles easy and penciled my interval work for today. I think the fact you were able to ride for the third straight day speaks volumes to the strong base you are building.