Monday, May 16, 2011

Finally Back into a Routine!

After Saturday's successful 5k, I obviously rested yesterday. Was fighting whether to ride or run today, but decided to shake out the tightness in the legs with a 6 mile recovery run. I wanted to find out just exactly how far it was from my house to the new trails in our area and back. Turned out to be 6.1 miles, so call it six. I have been running long enough to realize that I could overdo a recovery run and hurt something, so I took it real easy as attested by the following splits: 13:04, 12:52, 11:35, 11:23, 11:27, and 10:42. BTW, half of that 10:42 is up steep hills!! Guys, I'm feeling really, really good right now, about my running. I actually feel I now deserve to be associated with other runners. Yeah, yeah I know, but you have to look at it from my point of view. At our April MRC I couldn't even walk a half mile with you guys and the last one was a mile walk to support Rob. Should be a very interesting season of running and biking!......Mike

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