Monday, May 9, 2011

First Time Ever!

For the last few years, Rob and I have discussed the option of running and biking on the same day. I didn't start out with that particular goal in mind this morning, but after riding 32 miles, beginning at Nelson Island, on the north end of the Johnson Country trail system, and returning, I felt so good I decided during the ride that I would run a five miler after returning home. I was pretty charged up about the idea and all was going just dandy for the first three miles at English Landing Park in Parkville. I even ran the second mile in 8:50! However, towards the end of mile three the wheels starting coming off. Cardio wise, I was fine, but my morning cereal and toast was not enough to sustain me through the entire five miles after the 32 mile bike ride. I was bonking pretty bad! I walked about a half mile during mile four, but was able to maintain an 11:30 pace for the last mile back to the car. Hey, it counts, doesn't it? Soooo, I biked 32 miles and ran five on the same day! Boorah!!!! FYI, during my bike ride I encounterd a member of Runner's Edge by the name of Ron Simon. Ron told me he qualified for Boston next year. Great conversation for about 5 miles. I believe we both welcomed the company. Also, had a run in with a couple of bikers that didn't warn me they were approaching. I just didn't hear them coming and, at the time, I was kind of cutting a corner short making a slight left. The first guy went into the grass to pass me on the left and the second guy passed me on the right. I had no idea they were even there. I yelled, "Did you say on my left or on my right?" I got no response!! About a mile or so later they were stopped at a port-a-pottie. I was going to address the issue then, but decided against it for some reason. About a mile later the first guy passed me again just as I was passing an older couple. I yelled out, "On your left" to the older couple and as I passed them, the other guy passed me and yelled, "On your left!" I thank him and asked him why he didn't warn me the first time they passed me earlier? His comment was, "The other guy is new and I'm trying to train him!" Issue over, nothing more to add

Really looking forward to the "Running With The Cows" event with Bill on Saturday. My goal is to run between 27 and 28 minutes..................Mike

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