Monday, May 16, 2011

No! Not the pin!

I stepped out my front door this evening to start a walk, but first spent a few minutes chatting with my neighbor, Herb, who had shoulder surgery 15 years ago. Noticing my obviously deformed left shoulder (there's a big bump there and there isn't one on my right shoulder), he raised the spectre of the need for a pin to level everything off and help it heal right. That's what happened to him, anyway. A month with a pin and a month in rehab.
Herb's no doctor - and I don't see mine until Wednesday - but I was freaked out anyway.
Exercise is a good stress reducer, so I decided now was a good time to get some. I took off on a rigorous walk, determined to see how hard I could go before I started hurting. I did 3.19 miles in 48:27 , a brisk 15:11 pace. The best part is that I experience very little discomfort, and what there was was mostly in my ribs, which I now realize are not yet fully healed, although getting close.
With luck and the right exercises maybe, just maybe, I can avoid the dreaded pin. -- Rob

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