Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting ready for the hal

If I was going to feel ready for Rock the Parkway on April 2, I needed to run the distance today (and next week). Fortunately, it was a nice day. It took a while for the temperature to come up, but it finally hit 30 by the time I went out. There was a 15 mph wind out of the north, but lots of sun and clear roads, trails and sidewalks.

Because of recent trail building in the area, I was able to add a new route to my log book. I ran down Roanridge, up Pairie View, and down Gower to the Green Hills Trail (or whatever they call it, it's new). I followed the trail to 64th St. and then hooked up with Green Hills Road until I could get back on to the trail. I ran the trail to Platte Brooke, then returned home via the Coves and Platte Woods. It's a nice route, even if it is pretty hilly in areas.

I did 13.11 miles in 2:07:38, for a 9:45 pace. That's just about right for a long run. I didn't want to go any faster than what was comfortable, and if it hadn't been for an occasional bout of "hill kill," I think I would have felt stronger at the end. After months in the gym, those hills were tough.

39.1 miles for the week. -- Rob

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