Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Working Through Some Hip Soreness

Two Sundays ago, I ran a treadmill workout that had me jazzed. It was a simple 4 mile run, but I stepped up each mile and felt like I was making some progress. Only problem is -- my left hip has been sore ever since. After our MRC run on Tuesday of that week (March 1st), I was pretty sore and limping, so I cross trained, rested, and then ran 7.6 miler on Saturday (March 5th) only to end up walking the last mile. Last week I was limping even worse, so I did 2 Ellipical workouts and an easy 3.5 outisde on Saturday. Yesterday, I did a steady a steday 4 miler at 10:45's with occasional quarters at 10:00's. My hip is sore, but not as much today, so it appears that I can get back to steady runs, albeit slowly till my hip truly recovers. Darn it -- this is frustrating! Regardless, my goal (missed last week with lots of travel) is 5 workouts weekly no matter what -- filling in Ellipical workouts on days I push my hip too much. Wish me luck. -- Bill

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Mike said...

Very sorry to hear about your hip problems. It seems like in the last few months all four of us have had some kind of injury or physical problem. It won't be long until none of us will be able to run a four or five miler during our MRC. Do you know what that means? It means we will be reduced to just drinking beer and getting thrown out, or barred, from more places!