Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too nice to run inside

It was still 59 degrees when I got home tonight, and just a little light, so I decided to run outside. I put on my reflective vest and headed out around the neighborhood.

My legs were a little "used" after the hard workout Wednesday night, but it felt real good to get off the treadmill and breathe the fresh air, so it was worth it.

I could tell I haven't run outside that much, because the climb out of the neighborhood was a bit of a struggle. It's the same every year: after I've been up those hills a few times they get much easier. No matter. I just took it easy.

The distance turned out to be 5.52 miles, which I did in 52:17, a 9:29 pace. My slowest mile was my first in 10:04, and my fastest was my fourth in 9:07.

I have 26 miles for the week so far, so I qualify for up to 13 on Saturday. I hope the weather holds. -- Rob

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