Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gliding into Rock The Parkway

Had a good week last slogging my way through a 22.5 mile week. My weekday runs were 4-5 miles with an 8-miler on Saturday morning. My threshhold for hard breathing is finally starting to come down as I build my base. On Saturday, 11:00's were 100% relaxed and conversational, 10:30's were still conversational, but with some increase in breathing, and 10:00's were still a push for me. ANY hill slows me down. This week, I ran 3 on Monday on a hotel treadmill (11:00, 10:49, 10:24), then off Tuesday. Yesterday, I ran a 4-miler on the inside track at my gym. Perfectly flat. First mile was 10:33 and last mile was 10:17, for a 10:23 average. This is a good sign for me, but then again, I have the benefit of more rest and flat running this week. Planning another easy 4 miler today, then off to Dallas for the Rangers home opener and a day off Friday. I'm ready for the longer 13.1 miles Saturday. The hills will slow me down, but I'm hoping to be as close as possible to Mike's predicted 2:22 time for me. We'll see! -- Bill

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Rob said...

I don't remember much in the way of hills for Rock the Parkway, although to be honest the only thing I really remember about last year's run was freezing my a** off in the cold rain. Good luck! I'll watch for you at the start.