Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heal up everyone

For half a year I felt left out because everyone else was running and I was hurt and couldn't. Now, when I can finally run, everyone else is limping. Here's hoping everyone can heal up quickly.

Wednesday was a beautiful day for a run - 68 when I took off. I went down to Line Creek Trail, which is a new trail in the neighborhood, ran a little loop there, then circled back to the house. Total mileage was 5.72, and the pace was a rather unbelievable 9:03. I measured the distance and time with my smart phone app, which I thought was pretty accurate since it uses GPS. I'm a little suspicious of this time, though. I was running pretty hard much of the time, but I wouldn't have guessed it to be that fast. -- Rob


The Men's Running Club of Kansas City said...

Rob -- it's really gratifying to see your hard indoor distance work pay off as you head outside this spring! I'm not at all surprised to see you posting 9:00's -- you have a fabulous base built up! Well done. -- Bill

Mike said...


Is that really you in that pic? That guy is pretty freaking ugly, so I guess it really is you!

Rob said...

Mike - That's you after climbing the steps of your porch (I KNOW! There's 2!

Mike said...

Can't be me for two reasons! #1, Your name is on your bib! #2, you know I wouldn't dare climb any staris without my glasses!!