Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Here I am, less than a week from my race, and out of the blue I develop an injury. Again.

This time it's muscle tissue in my inner thigh. I don't know how this happened. I've been careful with my workouts, usually running easy miles. Once a week I'd run a fast tempo, but even then I never went all out.

I ran just 5.6 miles Saturday at long pace and early in the run felt a slight tweak in my leg that immediately disappeared. On Sunday, I ran 5 easy miles and I noticed my leg was a little sore; it took a couple miles to warm up and feel loose. After that, Sunday's run was a real good one, and if I hadn't been in a hurry to get some other things done, I might have gone another 2 or 3 miles.

Then I get up Monday and my leg is very sore and stiff. I went back and forth all day on whether to run and how much, and I finally decided not to run at all. I started thinking about how the same thing happened last October before my last marathon, and instead of resting, I just kept running. Naturally, the injury just got worse. So I thought if I'm going to run this Saturday at all, what my leg needs now is rest.

Hated to miss getting out on Monday, though. Really a perfect running day. -- Rob


Mike said...


Not running at all is the very best thing you can do right now! It will not affect you half marathon time at all other than making sure you finish with a respectable showing. You may even surprise yourself since I'm sure you will start slower than usual. Do NOT run at all until race day or I'll personally kick you ass!

Rob said...

I'd be worried about that ass-kickin' but I don't think you can lift your leg that high.

Mike said...

That may be true, but all I can suggest is that you sit down in a chair with a really thick back when I'm around.

Do not even think about posting another comment on this subject! We've reached the dead horse, so don't beat it!