Thursday, April 8, 2010

High quality run

I didn't have a good idea what kind of run this would be until I got into it. My first mile was an easy 9:40, and it felt good, so I just let my body dictate the pace. Frequently, I don't even check my mile splits as I run, but just run at whatever pace is comfortable, and this was on of those times. I find that runs that I do that way usually turn out better because I don't burn too much energy early.
By the time this run was finished, I'd averaged 9:08 per mile for 5.75 miles, and I felt like I could go at that pace another 6 miles. Good run.

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Mike said...

Man, you just get stronger and stronger! Isn't it just great to feel like you can just float along and pick up the pace anytime and feel comfortable with it. I used to be like that! It was a good feeling to know that even though I was running (racing) at an 8:00 pace, I could pick it up when, and if, I had to. This is what I want to get back to. Just keep stroking pal!