Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Back!


Please excuse my total absence from our blogs -- I have been busy and self absorbed with business travel. Your blog entries are amazing! Mike, losing 15 pounds and building up to all those 8 mile runs is fabulous. I can't believe how many times you end up with 9:00's and 8:00's in your closing miles! You execute the strategy of starting slow and ending fast very very well. Also love your use of walks and bike rides on your rest days. Rob -- I was not at all surprised with you 7:24 average on the Trolley Run. Great job! The consistency of your 9:00's pacing in your daily runs is amazing!

My deal is that I can finally see my baseline improving. I'm still running mostly 3-4 mile runs, 3-5 times per week, but I'm completing them now without walking and my times are slowly improving. I've been including 1-2 runs weekly out at our farm, which is hilly, and these runs average in the high 11:00s. Yesterday's flat run on the Indian Creek trails was 11:17 outbound for 2 miles and 11:06 return. I'm not up to Mike's step up the pace at the end yet, I'm still at the "glad to not be walking" level. But I'm psyched to be out running! Ain't spring grand? -- Bill


Mike said...


Very happy to see your blog entry! Hope you're able to do more entries. Rob and I are enjoying reading each other's blogs but it's a lot more enjoyable to read all our buddies blogs. Isn't it amazing how you appreciate 11:00 mile paces? Stay committed, Bill, I want to run Hospital Hill with you, Rob, and Ken. Not sure which race I'm going to enter but I really want a photo of all of with our bib numnbers on, then a photo with our kayaks, and then one with our bikes on Sunday. Can't wait for that weekend. I've set everything aside to enjoy the weekend with you guys. See you soon, Mike

Rob said...

Welcome back, Bill. Good post. Sounds like you're doing a great job building miles and base. Hang in there.